Get Your Work Permit after Graduating From a Canadian University

International students in Canada have a chance before and after graduation to work in the country.

Which is among the most common routes to a permanent resident or citizen of Canada. You have learned of the post-graduate work permit that lets foreign graduates easily become workers in Canada.

After graduation from a Canadian-approved post-secondary school in an authorized program, foreign graduates can apply for a postgraduate work permit for employment in Canada.

Get Your Work Permit after Graduating From a Canadian University

Openwork permits are valid for up to 3 years. Graduates can submit to be hired by any Canadian employer. If the program lasts for at least two years, you possibly can work for three years. On the other side, you are allowed to work for one year if the program takes just one year.

Your work permit would not immediately apply to your loved ones. After you have found a job position, you must register for an open job permit for your companion. A letter from their contract of employment is necessary when applying. The charge for a post-graduate work permit is about 155 dollars, while a free job permit costs 100 dollars. Every candidate shall make a payment of $85 for biometrics.

A degree from a Canadian university will increase your opportunity to work for decent salaries, which also attracts additional points.

Submit for a Canadian post-graduation work permit

1. Eligibility

The following persons cannot apply for the postgraduate job permit:

  • A student doing a part-time program. Submitting a letter of ‘Leave of Absence’ can help make this program available to you.
  • Each student exchanged internationally.
  • Students who run online programs in Canada and abroad.
  • Students with a Canadian bursary.

As we discuss those who are unable to apply, we shall now take a quick look at the requirements for the work permit to be obtained:

  • 90 days before your program is completed, you will have to apply.
  • A legitimate letter of graduation.
  • Until requesting a work permit, a study permit is required.
  • After completing your program, you should have obtained a confirmation letter.

In 180 days from graduation, foreign students should register for a post-graduate work permit. However, if 180 days are already over and you’d like to request your work permit, the ideal thing is to consider a visitor status. Please ensure that you do so 90 days after your study permit expires.

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The very next thing to do is to send your university letter and transcript after the program has been completed. While you must be a full-time student for the purpose of obtaining the post-graduate work license, your final semester can be part-time.

2. Validity of your post-graduate work permit

Your study program is the key factor that always decides how long the license remains valid. Students with a two-year degree will have a validity of three years, whereas students who are enrolled for nine months will have a validity of nine months on a work permit.

3. Submit

Once your paperwork is ready, go submit it online or offline. If the procedure does not require renewing your license, it is ideal to register online. Some benefits of online application are that it won’t attract courier costs and you’ll find the registration was easy to review.

Remember to read the guide to prevent making errors on the official website. Have your smartphone camera or your document scanner convenient. Approval can be about 87 days for postgraduate work permits, particularly for online applications.

You have two choices if your study permit expires before your mark is received. You may be able to:

  • Request a visitor record to stay longer in Canada, or
  • Leave Canada and submit for the PGWP

When your study permit expires before the application

You have up to 90 days from the expiration date of your study permit to request a PGWP and to regain your status as a student if your status does not change to a visitor.

To regain your student status, you need to

  • Submit online and pay the appropriate fee for your PGWP which is 255 dollars. 
  • Pay the cost for restoring your student status which is 350 dollars.
  • Along with various system limitations, applicants are required to pay the charges to restore their role as a student online and provide their PGWP online application with a copy of the receipt. Applicants should not apply separately to regain their student status.

 You will not be able to work until you receive the acceptance of your study permit and job permit.

You must leave Canada if you do not submit within 90 days, or if the 90 days are over.

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