2. Halifax

This city situated in the east part of Quebec is considered the biggest cosmopolitan city, this city has a combination of urban facilities and more air French.

Besides,  having an easy entry to the ocean. Of course, this city is a part of the frozen North Atlantic, however, a lot of people are able to have fun while surfing.


3. Ottawa

This is not a surprise, the capital of Canada is a friendly city where you can live in the clean and fresh air with a lot of services for newcomers.


This city is also known for its significant number of Asian and African populations. The city of Ottawa is famous for being quiet at night 

4. Gatineau

Gatineau is a city built on the banks of the Ottawa River and its position is close to the capital of the nation.

This city is where many museums and tourist monuments with a significant diversity which is clear through the population, especially the immigrant who speak the French language.


Another point to consider is that the cost of rent is really cheaper in this city, even though the taxes in the province are higher.

5. Edmonton

This city is growing very fast, and it’s not far from the oil patch in Northern Alberta, Edmonton has known a lot of changes in the last twenty years making the city more diverse than it was before.


There are also more opportunities for those who look for jobs with higher wages. This city is known for the presence of important Filipino and South Asian communities. 

6. Steinbach, Manitoba

Steinbach is considered a friendly prairie place that you cannot imagine,  this town was the subject of a video that gives an impact of a good feeling.

and it has a good program for recruiting immigrants to fulfill solve and the shortage in the labor markets, through a good orientation and using language programs and an immense local initiative to welcome those newcomers.


7. Guelph, Ontario

Known also as the royal city, this city is northwest of Toronto. It is a center where the agriculture of the granola crunching is everywhere and that makes the city more charming.


In addition to its position near the biggest cities and the Golden Horseshoe make her a real edge of convenience.