How to immigrate to Canada in 2023

It has been recently opened up by Canada to the world allowing the accessibility, residency either temporary or permanent, of thousands of eligible.

semi-qualified persons and families to become finally Canadian residents if you meet all of their demands.

How to immigrate to Canada in 2023

Currently, more people are visiting and applying every year for different visas (immigration, students, jobs, etc.).

How to immigrate to Canada in 2023

The state is great and beautiful, without any doubt, for businessmen, entrepreneurs, women, or people who just work and reside in Canada. Many requests for visas, migration, and scholarships to support foreigners who want to trade with their country have been released.

The final action of becoming a real Canadian is to get citizenship in Canada.  Certainly, obtaining permanent residency provides many advantages, but only residents can enjoy clear freedoms such as voting in national elections.

Not all Canadians are entitled to become citizens and this process requires dedication. You’ve come to the right place if you wish to learn how to get Canadian citizenship in 2020. In this post, we’ll take you through the whole process, from the first move to permanent residence in Canada.

This article aims to provide you with knowledge about the right steps and procedures for becoming a Canadian citizen.

You must first be given a PR passport, which is almost like citizenship, to become a Canadian citizen. This means that you have to live in Canada and have to stay for a period of time.

The PR enables you to permanently live, work and study in Canada. You would be eligible, however, to vote or run for electoral offices, or register for a few security duties, to have the same rights as a Canadian citizen would.

If you live for a certain time in Canada as a permanent resident, you can adjust your Canadian status in order to attain all the benefits.

Canadian citizenship application

You will be required to:

  • Complete the submission form and print it.
  • Read or print the application guide online.
  • Fill out the form and charge a fee for the submission and keep the receipt.
  • Send the appropriate documentation to the Citizenship Processing Center (full, signed, dated application form, permanent residency proof, copies of two pieces of documentation, signed two pictures of nationality, and receipt of payment). For more info, check out the IRCC.
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  • Check the status of your submission for Canadian citizenship and get ready for the exam
  • Citizenship and Immigration Canada will give you a notification confirming acceptance of your application for Canadian citizenship.
  • The status of your submission can then be checked
  • Start to prepare as early as possible for the exam.

Your awareness and knowledge about Canada are tested in the official citizenship test.

Duration of getting Citizenship for a PR

The Vast majority would like to be treated as citizens and will not be appropriate simply because you are a permanent residents. In this situation, when all the conditions are met, you may continue to apply for citizenship.

This means that in Canada, you need to have been in permanent resident status for three years or longer before applying.


  • A PR card is required.
  • The period of time you have stayed in Canada.
  • Your income tax listing.
  • Language knowledge of English or French.
  • You should not have a criminal record
  • You need to know Canada well.

Urgent Citizenship

There are certain conditions under which you can speed up your application for citizenship. In case of an emergency, you should apply only for immediate care. The following factors are regarded as a valid emergency by immigration, refugees, and Citizenship Canada:

  •  The necessity to submit for a job for citizenship, prevent the loss of your employment, or apply for a Canadian school, university, or college;
  • The need to fly to a family for death or extreme disease and in your established nationality you cannot have a passport;
  • If your appeal was found successful by a federal court for an earlier application for citizenship.

Therefore, this is practically what you need to learn about the time a taxpayer in Canada will take. I hope it’s beneficial for you.

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