6 Jobs position in Sweden without working holiday visa

Language is the first challenge for a migrant to a new country to find work. However, in Sweden, without understanding Swedish words in addition to tack and skill

there are several ways of making an additional as well as a regular income as an English speaker

In Sweden, English speakers have plenty of job opportunities. You should know that your preferred career can take months to be achieved. In Sweden, there are many rounds of recruiting and an exam is always initiated online. But some other options are open to you as well.

It can be very difficult to find a job in Sweden from overseas. Especially if Swedish cannot be spoken.

But we’ve complied with a list of where and how to find Swedish-free work in Sweden! Here are a few tips that can help you look for a job.

6 Jobs position in Sweden without working holiday visa

6. Delivery jobs

You only need a bike, motorcycle, or car to be a worker that does not need any specialized skills. But get prepared for winter in Sweden. Naturally, as the Swede would say: no bad weather, just bad clothing.

You may expect to offer more services in city centers as a supply driver. Besides food, clothing, and books, several other kinds of products may be available to fit in your delivery bag.


You may have to work a certain amount of hours per week with such delivery apps, but flexibly. In the morning or in the evening, you can always take your SFI lessons.

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