6 Jobs position in Sweden without working holiday visa

5. Handyman positions

In Sweden, handymen always have a job to do despite or because of IKEA. The sections have to be put together!

When Emir entered Sweden, about five to ten days a week, he began working with Task Runner. He can study Swedish with flexible working time and maintain a decent and stable income.

As a runner, you can choose your own timetable and explore the area, based on your own qualifications and wishes.


There is a job for everybody on this wide platform, from the gardener to the handyman. You go to your customer and complete the assignment and collect payment online once you have accepted your work.

4. Housekeeping employment

Housekeeping is another simple task. As they’re more likely to clean their houses when they are working, you could never meet your customers.

Most people begin as cleansers, no matter how many degrees they receive in a foreign country.


Particularly without Swedish, they may find no jobs in their very own profession in Sweden.

Use all possibilities and take as many Swedish classes as possible to achieve the standard needed for your white-collar work.

3. Guiding job positions

Local guidance is a task that doesn’t require speaking Swedish but other languages are useful.

Betsey, a lover of Instagram and photographic Argentinean ex-pats, uses Triple to take a tour of Stockholm, interact with people mostly during weekends, and follow her passion as a photographer.

Guiding job positions

You may attend an event off the beaten path with Triple. Wine delicacies, bicycle touring, outdoor yoga, shopping, and much more.

In Spanish, English, German, Italian, Korean, and many more your imagination limits you to take tours.

2. Home rental work

However, you must pay attention to house rentals when you live in an apartment in Sweden. Airbnb is also common in Sweden. 

The majority of buildings are owned by corporations and many of them cannot afford short-term rentals. In Gothenburg, for instance, a homeowner missed his contract first-hand.

Home rental work

If you can’t raise money by lending your home to visitors a couple of times a year, follow Konstantinos, a Stockholm-based Grec student.

He works as a local officer with Renthia to link property owners to customers in addition to his studios in environmental engineering. In order to present future residents in Sweden, Renthia will pay you.

In return for mission-based pay, you will also review, take photographs and write details of Stockholm buildings. The best thing is to be able to work whenever you want and to have no prior real estate experience. You only have to work 10 hours a month at least.