What is the first thing newcomers should do to begin a business in Canada?

If you are a newcomer willing to start a business in Canada but you do not know how to begin, this article will provide you with some tips and pieces of advice that may help you make your first step towards your business. Let’s get started!


Make a study and do a research

As Apostolos Dedas (an entrepreneur running a business named SKICOSMOs that provides skiers with virtual ski training regardless of the weather outside) and Catherine Wilding (ECP’s manager at the ACCES organization)say.

doing research is the first thing anyone who aims at beginning a business in Canada should do. Looking for online resources and information on how to start a business in Canada is very helpful and makes things easier. One can rely on some websites that are concerned with providing information in this regard such as that of the BCD (Business Development Bank of Canada) or the ACCES organization’s one.


These websites support many languages such as Arabic, French, and English, and they equip the user with any information (the capital you need to start with, the location, legal things you have to pay attention to..etc) of everything relating to the world of entrepreneurship in Canada. They also offer coaching and financial as well as legal guidelines.

Make a business plan

Making a business plan is the second step you need to make in order to make sure your business will be fruitful. Generally speaking, a business plan is a document that contains all the relevant information about your business. This includes the budget, your marketing strategies, your target customers, your sales expectations, and so on. There are many samples on the internet that you can have recourse to. Your business plan will help you save time and be organized, and it will also help you manage any future problems that your company may face.

Make sure you have the right documentation

Making sure your business is legitimate is very important. Therefore, you should look for all the papers and legal documents you need to start your business. If you want to run a business in Vancouver for example, you can visit Vancouver City’s website to discover what permits you need to begin your business without breaking the law.


Each city has its own work regulations. So, the licenses and work permit you to have to get depend on the Canadian city you want to operate in.
Basically, in Canada, you do not have to be legally registered until your income surpasses 35,000$. However, it is better to register your firm as soon as possible to ensure you will not fall behind on taxes.

Make contacts both on and off the internet

Networking online and offline is a must for any newcomer striving to begin a business in Canada.
As a recently coming person to Canada, things may be hard for you at the beginning. But having connections around you will make it quite easy for you, especially if you network with Canadian-born businessmen. You can rely on social media to meet new people and establish relationships with them, and also to find new business opportunities or to look for some marketing ideas for your firm.
Without contacts, you will have to struggle a lot and put more effort to manage your business. You will also be depending on outdated ways to present your company and attract clients. So consider connecting with entrepreneurs inside Canada whether online or offline. This may be a milestone in making your business successful.

Never give up on your dreams

Starting a business in a new country is not easy. It may take you many efforts and more time than you think. But if you love what you do and you believe in it, then never give up on it. Fight for your dreams, be positive and keep trying until you make them come true. You will surely make it since you believe you can. Good luck!