Top 12 best jobs in Canada

Due to the Corona crisis, many economies in the world have been affected and declined. Canada’s economy is one of them.


Many Canadian businesses have stopped and others’ revenues have come down. Yet, the country is recovering now as the virus has somehow been subdued and new plans to increase job opportunities have been made.

This is very auspicious, especially that we have seen many changes in the business world this year. Many companies are shifting from the old-fashioned ways of work to new digital ones where technology plays a vital role and where new work conditions are adapted.

So if you are a new immigrant looking for a good job in Canada, if you are skillful and you master your field, we advise you to be positive and read this article to have an idea about the best 15 professions in Canada. Also, this article will assist you to choose the best job for you that suits your qualifications, your lifestyle, and your personality.

1. Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants are very demanded in Canada, especially after the negative effects the Coronavirus had on many of the Canadian companies such as those concerned with accounting, human resources, and medical assistance.


As an administrative assistant, you will have to receive and make calls, help out with accounting, and give a hand at data entry, and so on.

2. Electrical Engineer

Almost everything in our today’s world depends hugely on electricity. Our phones, our laptops, and our others, all need electricity to work. Many entrepreneurs as well rely on different electrical systems to run their businesses, essentially with the digital shift that the world knows nowadays. Consequently, the demand for electrical engineers is increasing day by day passes. Thus, if you are an electrical engineer with good command of your domain and high communication and management skills, you will probably have no problem integrating one of the Canadian companies that operate in this field.

3. Project Manager

Project managers are required to ensure good work conditions, to come up with updated ways of working, to make sure the deadlines are met, to handle conflicts between work teams, and solve any problem that may obstruct the progress of the project. Project managers are expected to have a great knowledge of the IT (Information Technology) field and to be well-experienced in their job which is one of the best jobs one can get in Canada.

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