8. Winnipeg

This city is the capital of the province of Manitoba and it’s considered the Chicago of the north, it’s bigger than Calgary and Toronto.

This city may be unable to achieve an earlier potential. however, Winnipeg is still an amazing city with historical politics in progress.


The city is also known for its reception of a huge number of Filipino immigrants in the previous decades, thus this city would be a good settlement for that immigrant who is coming from the south of Asia.

9. Saskatoon

This city is considered as the Paris of the Prairies and also it’s known for its natural gas revolution which makes the rate of growth bigger than other cities of its size.

Another extra point for this city is that there is a shortage in the labor markets. Besides.


the city of Saskatoon keeps the charm of a small city through the good prices of real estate unlike cities like Alberta and Calgary.

10 St. John’s

This city is a very exciting city and a friendly one supported by the developments of a variety of natural resources.

St. John’s

The abnormal and rough charm of Newfoundland still exists, but in this city, there is a commitment toward higher education.

In fact, the university fees are very affordable and considered the second lowest one in the country. You can enjoy the fresh seafood, have a job, you need just to pay attention when it’s foggy.