The Best Countries to Start a New Life in 2023


This country in Central Europe is a destination for people who want to increase their income. The political and economic are sustainable and the average wage is around 111,587 dollars compared to the global norm of 75,966 dollars.

Switzerland has covered you with attractive cuisines like Zurcher Eintopf, cheese fondue, and a host, in case you want to spend your additional money on a nice life.

Though very costly, Zurich, the capital, will impress you with a Museum of Art and the Opera House. You have no need to think about money with an average wage.


Switzerland is a country that has entirely acceptable official languages, such as German, English, French, and Italian. So when it comes to the quality of communication, you won’t have anything to complain about.


Looking for a destination to find a work-life balance? There is no need to.  That’s what Finland offers!

The Working Hours Act of 1996 promoted a convenient workplace for workers for businesses around the world.

The good news is that the Working Hours Act 2020 allows workers the ability to decide where to spend half the hours of work.

You will definitely have a comfortable 30-day paid holiday and a 26-minute travel time, just because you decided to live in Finland!


Even if Singapore is among The Best Countries to Start a New Life in 2023 to work outside the country, it is reasonably competitive.

Wages are decent (the annual per capita income of the world is one of the greatest) and a high standard of life, however, the selection is difficult. Like in most situations, Singapore is the perfect place to find a job.


For all skilled persons and for those who are not. The presence and the conveyance in the curriculum vitae and in your culture are very critical.

English is the official language and it’s spoken by all.


The salaries will probably not make you rich in the Mexican peso, though there are other factors why HSBC Expat Explorer Survey ranks 16th in this region.


cIt ranked 2nd for culture and tolerance and 3rd for healthcare and social life, and for building relationships and integrating.

Mexico is worth being considered as a reliable destination.   

Manama; Bahrain

Manama has a huge population of approximately 150 000, a fascinating chance to interact with people and make friends quickly.


It would be beneficial for you to learn the fundamentals of Arabic, because English is currently appropriate, as this will improve your skills.

Your residences and schooling in Manama City are also protected by tax-free wages.