How to start a business? Advice for newcomers

Regardless of the fact that Apostolos Dedas’ business SKICOSMOS was opened just a few months before the pandemic, it was really thriving.


a person who moved to Vancouver from Greece five years ago said this; “We’re really happy, even though we started our business while the pandemic has started, now everything is going ok, and we noticed that so many people all over the world  are benefitting from what we are doing.”

Besides, SKICOSMOS offers a virtual ski simulator technology that enables skiers and snowboarders to practice in all weather conditions.

When things started being taken off, he said, “Preparing all that for our new business wasn’t that straightforward.”

Catherine Wilding has heard its sentiments. The Wilding is the manager of the Entrepreneurship Connections program at the ACCES Employment, which enables new immigrants to launch a business in Canada.


In fact, this program involves individual coaching including how to create a plan for your business; it gives also advice about how to access legal consultations.

For new immigrants who have just come to Canada, there is a variety of information about getting a new job over there. But this can be kind of hard for those who want to find information on entrepreneurship.

If you are one of those immigrants, and you have always been thinking about starting a new business there, here you will find some of Dedas’ and Wilding’s top tips that will enable you to navigate the entrepreneurship world in Canada.

Make your own researches

you need to search about everything, I mean; the rules and the regulations of the business that you want to start so that you can determine whether you made the right choice or not, actually good research must be based on what Dedas and Wilding said. And don’t forget this “As long as you are familiar with how to use the computer; you can get all the information you need easily.”

While everything was online, Dedas relied on the website of Vancouver’, because it contains tons of information about how to launch a new business over there. As he has turned to the Business Development Bank of Canada that has a website equipped with a lot of extensive tools that are available in so many languages. Wilding said also: “Before spending money, you should be able to find a free resource online,” as she encourages the new immigrants to use the information from their library.

Try to make a plan for your

After a long survey, Wilding said, “The second most important thing that should your business involve is a business plan.” Because this plan can be a document that is constantly improving in order to outline the target clients.


However, it is so easy to find a template of the business plan online.

Try to find the right documentation

Actually, you will always need some permits and paperwork so that you can operate, but this will depend on where you live and which nosiness you have chosen. When SKICOSMOS was launched, Dedas relied widely on Vancouver’s website to make sure that he had a relevant license, and that the rules of Vancouver were respected.

Wilding also said that if you want to be in a field that is regulated, namely; economics, finance, or health care, you have to make sure that you are certified in that respective area.  Wilding encourages you also to look into what your province requires because each one has its specific rules.

Furthermore, Wilding said that while your business does not need to be officially registered until the revenue is higher than $35,000 so that you can avoid the taxation, so you’d better register your business right now.

The online and offline Network

when we look back at the time when he moved to Canada, Dedas has always said that he was alone in Canada and it was a fresh start for him. But afterward, he managed to make some acquaintances through social media.

Always follow your dreams

actually, launching a business is kind of overwhelming especially in a new country like Canada, if you have always dreamt of that, so don’t give up and keep up, the only thing you will need is motivation.