8 processes to register and work in Canada as a nurse

7: Certificate assessment

  • The recognized authorities in Canada complete the nursing certification assessment. The National Nursing Assessment Service or NNAS will make the certification assessment.
  • You have to determine at this point which state of Canada you want to apply for. Often because of the exceptional eligibility and access requirements of each state and province.
Certificate assessment

They are even subject to different demands. The qualifications are then tested in different necessities using various standards.

6: Required paperwork

  • Certified Copy Photo ID (passport/driver’s license or other) with signature on it.
  • Documents of education:
  • Mark records
  • Certificates of graduation
  • Transcript
Required paperwork
  1. Curriculum course
  2. Additional academic data
  3. Applying to the Nursing Council throughout the country where the job is practiced. The licensing authority must forward all the application papers.
  4. Work form: This form should be completed and submitted to NNAS by the employees with whom you have been working for the last five years.
  5. Your exam reports from IELTS/CELBAN.
  6. Every document which is not in French or English must be interpreted in English before it is submitted.
  7. Any certificate copies must be notarized with the number and address of the notary issued.
  8. The fees needed to be paid are approximately $650.

5: English necessities

In case you want to become a nurse in Canada, you must ensure you speak English CELBAN.

The Canadian English Benchmark Assessment (CELBAN), or the IELTS, these 2 common assessments will help you demonstrate your skills in English since they’re honest results.

  • The exam required rating for IELTS is:  Academic format: speaking 7, listening 7.5, reading 6.5, writing 7, overall 7
  • The exam required rating in CELBAN is: speaking 8, listening 10, reading 8, and writing 7.

4: The state regulatory authority application

You will receive a report from the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS) as soon as your qualifications are checked.

then the study and all of your qualifications and experience as well.

The state regulatory authority application

Canada’s regulatory agency decides whether you’re able to apply your current skills and experience in Canada.

They may also suggest that you complete any courses to urge the eligibility you specify.