8 of the most stunning European cities that you need to travel

2. Italy, Venice

In winter, the Festival of Venice is among the best international tourist destinations. Venice’s February to March festivities.

awesome, interesting, and certainly somewhat strange, are surely not to be overlooked. Be cautioned that dressed events can cost you at least a hefty penny, but by having fun with the many free events across the city, those looking to save a little money can get the full impact of the carnival, just with a mask bought at a shopping center or local market.

Away from Carnival, winter traveling to Venice helps tourists to explore the city at a steady pace and really immerse in the history. In winter, the area’s waterways, unique buildings, and outdated environment seem mystical, and neither does the absence of crowds harm. In the colder months, a stopover in Venice is clearly defined as a  European highlight, since it is one of the top European countries to visit in that season.


Venice is known for being difficult to find healthy food in. Get a glance at The Travel Guy’s Venice food tour with a boat cruise included, it’s certainly a city that I suggest having a food tour in.

3. Granada, Andalusia

Granada is one of the greatest cities we have ever known in Spain. But with about 3 million visitors a year.


it is also one of the top cities in Europe to visit in 2019. And there can’t be that many people wrong! Some of the causes why Granada is among the most magnificent cities in Europe.

include the Alhambra, which is the most visited monument in Spain, the viewpoint of San Nicolás, and the Cathedral.

4. Ghent, Belgium

When people speak about a lovely Belgian city, likely they’re talking about Bruges, and it’s one of the diamonds of Europe, no doubt.

But the city of Ghent seems to be like that mostly forgotten but unjustly so, as it has plenty to give.

Situated in the north of Flemish Belgium, Ghent is the provincial capital of East Flanders and is conveniently accessible by train from Brussels.

In the old town, which is separated by breathtaking rivers and canals, there are the most magnificent neighborhoods and main tourist destinations to see while exploring Ghent. There are beautiful old towers, cathedrals, and churches to admire as you stroll down the area or discover from the water on a cruise, as well as historical state and market houses. Several constructions go back to the medieval era.


Nice streets, and also a huge range of pubs, cafés, and restaurants, frequently arrange fruit, flower, or book markets. Ghent provides several exceptional contemporary and traditional architecture, business, and local history museums. Ghent is a perfect option if you love dining and drinking.

with a wide range of cafes and pubs, and some truly excellent bars offering a wide selection of Belgian beers and drinks.