8 best-paid jobs For You! Without a college degree for immigrants in Canada

Have you ever thought of the visa application in Canada as a viable solution to accelerate the migration process? I’ve seen many people dreaming of working in Canada.

but the main problem is that most people cannot find the best-paid jobs without a college degree for immigrants in Canada. When you think about going to work in Canada, it’s a positive thing, because immigrants have endless opportunities.


Even, when you have no university degree, and you’re concerned about the disadvantage, stop worrying because I’d introduce you to the top 8 best-paid jobs without a college degree.

Now work permits can be needed before you are allowed to work in the country depending on the way things work. Although it sounds unpleasant, it’s not difficult to secure a job permit in Canada. Keep reading to find out the 8 best-paid jobs For You! Without a college degree for immigrants in Canada.

While work permits are required for certain jobs in Canada, work permits are not required for other jobs across Canada.

Best paid jobs without a college degree

1. Web Developer

In actual fact, the role of a web developer is very lucrative because you can work for an employer and work for yourself. There is a high demand for this job in Canada. If you really have talent in web development, you can make a good profit.

This work is the best-paid job without a college degree but needs to be superior in terms of expertise and experience. Web developers can earn $32,700 – $75,114 annually.

2. Banking

It’s different how much a banker makes. It depends on the location of the banking company and the company for which he/she operates. The VP is actively involved in important decisions, such as large-scale long-term loans, possible investors to increase the bank’s profile, and senior positions in banking.

They are considered to be the main decision-maker who can change the bank’s credibility.

Banking payment is valued at about $19,000 a month with allowances included. It is estimated that there are pay rates from $17,000 to $21,000.

3. Pilot

A pilot is a best-paid job without a college degree. Most people do not realize that without a university degree you may become a pilot.

This is a trade that needs training, and you will work free once you have completed and are certified. In Canada, an average pilot can earn an annual income of 75,396 dollars. It is a highly lucrative but difficult career.

4. Electrician

The work of an electrician requires no university degree is the best-paid job without a college degree. The work in Canada is extremely lucrative and challenging.

An electrician may work as a staff member of a corporation and be paid or be contractually hired and collect his own customers. The electrician’s pay is valued at approximately $35,759 – $92,276 per year.

5. Welding

This is a highly demanded position in Canada. There is constant advertising for welders in Western Canada, especially for construction companies.

The high inflow of immigrants who seek qualified labor to get this job is always needed as a welder. It’s a skilled worker who needs no diploma and can pay $33,877–$85,602 a year.

6. Real Estate Agent

Most people do not know you do not need a grade from college to be a real estate agent. While you must spend money on preparation and the qualification, at the end of the day this is worthwhile.

This is profitable work in Canada because properties are always on sale. You can work as an agent and earn approximately $107,843 per year once you are accredited. This position is opened up too many jobs, so you may do it

7. Executive car sales

This is another position that a college or university degree does not need. You would like to try this job if you have good marketing skills and know a lot about vehicles.

In certain situations, the employer demands marketing expertise, so you are perfect for this work if you have any marketing experience. In Canada, a car sales manager can earn up to $78,994 a year.

8. Restaurant General Managers

Good food they say is good business. Most people prefer to go to restaurants for good food. Especially those who don’t want to spend so long in the kitchen.

Some restaurants, therefore, use their restaurants’ general managers and these people are responsible for all the operations of a restaurant.

Canada’s General Managers earn a monthly fee of about $14,000 in allowances. An Income range of $7,000 to $19,000 is estimated.