8 best jobs in Canada with no university degree required

Many people dream of residing in Canada and having a good job. Unfortunately, most of them cannot make their dreams come true because they do not have a university degree that is a mandatory condition for the majority of employers in Canada.

If you are one of these people, I’m telling you: “do not worry” because this will no longer be an obstacle for you.

8 best jobs in Canada with no university degree required

The following lines are going to enlighten you about the highly-paid jobs in Canada which demand no work permission –which is another obstacle for many immigrants, in order to make the best choice that suits you.

Keep reading to find out the 8 best jobs in Canada with no university degree required. Now, here is a list of the best careers in Canada:

1. Online Developers

In Canada, skillful, talented, and well-qualified web developers earn about 32,700$ to 75,114$ annually. They can either work independently or for a certain company.

Generally speaking, web developers, in Canada, do not need a college degree; however, they must be well-experienced and prove great knowledge of the domain.

2. Bankers

It is estimated that a banker earns about $17,000 to $21,000. Yet, the amount varies from one banker to another depending on the company he/she works for, and his/her position within it.

For beginners, it is worth mentioning that the VP’s role in making important decisions is very critical. Future gains, senior banking posts, and long-term high debts are considered crucial decisions that can alter the bank’s profile.

3. Pilots

Many people doubt the possibility of working as a pilot without having any college degree. However, this is possible in Canada.

You just need some preparation and training before you can finally start your career which is a very lucrative one, though it is really hard and tiring.

Working as a pilot in Canada allows you an amount of $75,396 annually.

4. Electricians

This is another non-university degree-based job. In Canada, electricians can either be contractual workers with their own clients or work incorporation. The market for this job is very powerful and the salary can be about $35 to $276 annually.

5. Welders

The number of immigrants looking for this job is highly increasing. Similarly, the demand for this kind of worker is also highly increasing in Canada.

especially in Western Canada where the main employers of such workers are construction companies. This is a very good job that allows you an average of $33,877 to $85,602 annually.

6. Real Estate Agents

All you need to do to get this lucrative job is to spend some money in order to get prepared and trained to finally obtain a credential.

Before you get your license, you can start working as an agent. Then, you will be eligible to start your career as a Real Estate Agent and earn around $107,843 annually.

7. Car sales executives

Having good marketing and selling experience, good skills, as well as great knowledge in the field of vehicles, will definitely enable you to go for this job which is one of the highly-paid jobs in Canada.

The earning can be about $78,994 per year, and you can really do well in your career if you are serious and you keep yourself up to date with the constant developments in the field.

8. Restaurant General Mangers

Resorting to restaurants to save time and get food is the mainstream that many people are following nowadays; especially those who work and have no time for cooking. Thus, employing General Managers became an essential thing for many restaurants.

In Canada, General Managers are intended to take care of the whole work of a certain restaurant. They usually earn, as it is estimated, an average of $7000 to $19,000 per month, in addition to a bonus of about $14,000.