5 immigration ways to Canada in 2021

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, Canada has already set up an immigration plan that aims to welcome hundreds of thousands of immigrants each year.

The target was 351.000 in 2020 and 361.000 in 2021. Amid the pandemic, the Canadian economy as all other countries’ economies has suffered a lot and it has gone under a severe recession. In order for Canada to recover, the government decided to upgrade the immigration targets to 400.000 in 2021, 411.000 in 2022, and  420.000 in 2023.

Therefore, the government needed to update the immigration plans so that more immigrants get more chances to obtain their permanent residency. In what follows, we will discuss the new immigration ways and show the criteria immigrants need to meet.

For instance, international students who would like to pursue their studies in Canada only need to prove they are attending classes at an accredited institution. Students can now enter the country thanks to an exemption to Covid-19 entry restrictions.

On the other hand, the institutions where students attend classes must have an approved readiness plan that allows them to hold in-person classes.

Canada has also innovated the Invitations To Apply (ITA’s) that go under the Express Entry Program. ITA’s are designed to allow skilled foreign workers to apply for immigration while the pandemic restrictions are still in place. The result was unexpected: more than 100.000 ITA’s were issued only in 2020, which is an all-time record.

5 immigration ways to Canada in 2021

As for the Provincial Nominee Program candidates, especially the ones who lost their jobs during the lockdown, the IRCC extended their limited residency period by one year so that they can have a second chance to find another job.

Certain provinces undertook some specific measures. Quebec, as an example, has launched a new Arrima Expression Program for employers looking for highly-skilled immigrant workers simplified sponsorship procedures to make it easier for them to hire more immigrants.

The Canadian government also signed an immigration deal with Italy allowing youths from each country to be able to work in the other for longer periods of time. The immigration deal goes by the name of the Canada Youth Mobility Agreement.

The preceding instances are just a few of many. Below we can find five recognizable ways of immigration that were updated during 2020:

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